First of all, congratulations on releasing Pixelmator Pro! However for me it's getting expensive at S$88.98 (Singapore App Store currency, and that's only the intro price). But I decided to buy it because I was drawn to the smart selections, painting and the non-destructive engine. Also because of the stupid never-ending subscription for Photoshop CC.Unfortunately, coming from a Photoshop CS6 workflow, it appears Smart Objects in PSD are not supported. Whatever layer styles or smart object edits I made in CS6 are rasterized. I did however hear Affinity Photo still cannot support smart objects, whereas Photopea can. I wonder when basic compatibility will come so I can get away from Photoshop?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

Regarding compatibility between Pixelmator Pro and Photoshop - Pixelmator Community
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