Having serious issues with Photoshop saving files to our Synology DS415+. It was occurring with 5.1 and continues with 5.2. Although it seems to be a photoshop or OSX issue, hoping someone here has worked through it and solved it to get Photoshop to work fine with our Synology DiskStation.
We are using Photoshop CS 5.1, Version 12.1 x64. I believe this is the most up to date version of our CS5.1 software. We are on OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.3. DiskStation 5.2When connected to the server via afp (in server log it says "AFP client")
Photoshop gives this error on a save after some changes are made to the file: "Could not save "file name" because write access was not granted." Then, as soon as you hit ok, the file is *deleted* from the server and is gone within a minute or so. If no change was made to the file, save works fine.
If you use "save as" and keep the same file name, it will usually fail with the same error as above. If you use save as and type in a new file name, all works fine.
If logged in via SMB (in the server log is says "CIFS client")
When you try to save, the error changes to "could not save "file name" because the file was not found." And then as soon as you hit OK on the error, the file is deleted from the server. Using Save As and inputing a different file name presented a new problem, it always says "could not save as "file name" because the file was not found." (in this case SMB seems to be worse than an AFP connection).
This is very frustrating and has been going on in the adobe forums for over 3 years. Shared network environments are commonplace today. It seems to be centered around photoshop and OSX. All other software we use has been working fine with the server / network attached storage.

Please help.

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