My apologies in advance for the number of questions. I've read the forums, watched the videos and read the instructions but there are still a number of things I don't understand. I've already had to start over twice.I'm a new user of TVPaint and just beginning to animate the first clips of what will eventually become a 7 minute short. The final output is set at HDTV 1080 with a drawing area of 3840 x 2160. My questions are about backgrounds. I'm drawing them in Photoshop. There are over 50 backgrounds, many are shared in multiple clips, many will have camera moves. But there are some that are one-offs with no camera moves.
For scenes with camera moves, I'm creating backgrounds in Photoshop the same dimensions as my TVPaint drawing area (3840x2160). What resolution should my background drawings be? Will 72 dpi become fuzzy if shown on a big theater screen? Is 200 or 300 dpi overkill?
For scenes that don't have camera moves is it best to use the full drawing area (3840 x2160) or the size of the camera view (1920 x 1080)?
These backgrounds are line drawings. Should I leave the background drawings transparent or add a color fill layer in Photoshop? Is there a way to add a color fill layer in TVPaint, similar to the way I can in Photoshop?

Please help.

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